A New Beginning

After several false starts over several years and experiments with creating a website from scratch it seems that the best way to do this is using the WordPress platform.

It has become infinitely adaptable and much more than just a blogging platform. In fact, in this case it can be a blend of blog and website.

Time has been and still is at a premium, so finding the software that will simplify the process is critical to getting on with the actual process of creativity. This has become increasingly clear.

In the past it has seemed appropriate to branch off in different directions for various and different themes. That may still happen but at this point the most practical path is to consolidate and use this site as the point of any branching out.

There is more to come. At what pace we are not sure. Hopefully there will some sort of interplay between this site and the Minds Whippleshire site already in progress. We will see how it all fits together.

For now that location is Whippleshire.