So Where Do We Start?...

What Is Possible?

Let's first get the picture in our mind of what we are really talking about here. What are the implications? What is possible?

Let us imagine that we could sit down and decide with our rational mind and decide what is true and what is not. And then, let us imagine that we could examine our mind to discover what is in there in terms of beliefs. It might actually surprise us to find what is in there. Then, let us imagine being able to take what is there and edit it or remove it depending upon whether it agrees with what our rational mind is telling us. And then, let us go further and decide what our heirarchy of beliefs should be, that is, the most important down to the least important, and then proceed to organize them that way in our mind.

Now, let us think about memories. I think we can agree that our memories are what define us, make us who we are. Suppose we could take any or all of those memories, decide whether they are helping us or hindering us, and then actually edit them so that the emotional charge attached to them only benefits us. Anyone who has experienced some trauma in their life knows that the recollection of those memories can bring with it strong emotions, sometimes which can affect us today, often in a negative way. And imagine being able to discover some of those memories that we had forgotten but are still affecting our lives, and editing those. And, if we wish, imagine that we can take good memories and add or augment the good emotions attached to them so that they affect us positively every day of our lives.

It's Just Who I Am

In short, what if it was possible to actually re-design our own personalities? What would that do for us? How many of us have heard that expression or used it, "I can't help it, it's just who I am." Suppose we could actually eliminate that? An exhilirating thought, a frightening thought at the same time. That would actually take away a lot of our excuses for less than desirable behaviour, would it not? And the philosophical, moral and religious implications are huge, are they not? In fact, if we could locate the cause and motivation of our own bad, poor or useless behaviour what excuse then do we have for not correcting it?

A lot to think about. So let us start with our biology briefly before we even get to the structure of our consciousness...

Genes Do Not Control Biology

More updates to come...



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