Welcome to New Visitors

That Home Page header (SEEKING THE TRUTH...) might seem trite to some, grandiose to others, pompous to yet others... well, you get the point. But actually, it is true, and there are many reasons why it must be stated that way. We will get into those reasons in what is, I hope, an orderly fashion.

Whippleshire in the past...

Some years ago I began this website mostly for the ability to set up a blog, and then several blogs. They were focussed on a particular religious perspective, and a particular political perspective for that matter. Actually, it could be summed up as a particular life perspective. Because of time constraints this website has been neglected and also because of a diminishing fire for apologetics. It was not a question of doubt on the matter, but rather a lack of interest in the entire debate itself.

From there to everywhere

That subject led to others and yet others...